This course analyses those conflicts that ensued from the dismantlement of obsolete practices such as chattel slavery, colonialism, and mercantilism. Topics covered in this course includes: Reconquest of Africa, World War I, World War II, Decolonization and Cold War. At the successful completion of this course, you the student should be able to synthesize information, evaluate sources for accuracy, omission, and bias, and communicate ideas both in written and oral presentation.

This course serves to provide a general overview of Belize's history from a Pre-Columbian era to Independence. This course examines Belize beyond the confines of its borders- it places Belize within the context of the Atlantic World. Clearly then, Belize's identity is not only created by its internal struggles but a integration of both internal and external conflicts. Topics which this course covers are: pre-Columbian society, Colonialism, Forestocracy, Enslavement, Multi-Cultural Belize, and Decolonization. Emphasis is also placed on the unfounded claim of Guatemala.